エヌワンエイト 2016年デビュー
Number 1 +∞(無限大)=伝統的な18番(OHAKO)での新しい価値観の創造
至極のMADE IN JAPAN製品の復刻と革新的な加工技術で世界に通じるエンターティナーブランド

2016 Debut
Number 1 plus Infinity = Doing what we’ve always done best “OHAKO”, creating new values for our customers
An Entertainment Brand for the World, combining the Best of MADE IN JAPAN with Revolutionary Treatment Technology


Debut collection N°18 made in japan featured 18gg KNIT WEAR at SHIBUYA EXHIBITION in 2015.Sept.

Launched SPEEL MEDICAL® Brand  specializing in N°18 water-repelling technology with KAISEI-KAI medical group in 2016. June.

Featured N°18 water-repelling brand showed at LIBERTY FAIR NEW YORK in 2016.July.

Patent application to the Japanese Patent Office about  our special water-repelling  preocessing.