Processing for “N.18 CRAFTSMEN in KNIT PRODUCTION″

MADE IN JAPAN 高品質ハイゲージニット製品の復刻
MADE IN JAPANの繊維製品は全体の4%にも及びません。ニットカテゴリーにおいて18ゲージ製品を製造できる工場はほぼ皆無といっても過言ではありません




N.18( エヌワンエイト)世界でも最高峰のスーパーファインゲージニット製品です。その工程の複雑さや高コスト生産の為、Made in Japan製品は非常に希少です




N .18 製品   


Bringing back high-quality high-gauge knit products

Less than 4% of all knit goods can call themselves that. It’s no exaggeration to say that almost no factory can produce 18GG knit goods.

The ultimate in knitting machines  
The ultimate in machines today, able to surpass even the computer-operated German FF knitting machine, can be found as the moving force in leading Italian knitting companies.

Quality unmatched in other Japanese products
N.18 knit offers the highest in world-class superfine-gauge knit products. Since the process is complex and expensive, such products are rare even in Japan.

The last word in original spun yarn
It takes a lengthy process to produce the best wearability in knit fabrics, and since the quality of the original materials ties in directly to the quality of the final product, it’s essential to use the highest in extra-superfine yarn. In 2016 we developed
seacell-logo as an original yarn for high-gauge knit products

Inspected by experienced craftsmen
Unlike currently fashionable seamless knit goods, every bit of every part of these knit goods is closely inspected by experienced craftsmen for quality. Since high-gauge knit products are extremely finely woven, they require more time and greater care than conventional knit products.

The knit seams are very detailed, so they’re done by the most skilled workmen.

The “N” in the product name stands for Number and the “18” represents the whole range of what we do best, “OHAKO,” meaning that we use the highest in fine high-gauge Italian yarns and yarn for our 18GG knit collection originals.